Welcome to our new section where we will introduce you to socially responsible businesses offering ethical and/or sustainable fashion near you. We aim to help you find a way to consume responsibly independently of where in the world you are. We plan to virtually visit different cities around the world so stay tuned for when we come to yours! We start today with Sweden’s second biggest city, the cozy coastal city of Gothenburg. EcKris has a large customer base which we love, in this beautiful city and we hope you will enjoy this post.

Gothenburg has a good selection of second hand shops and has a flourishing eco-friendly fashion & lifestyle scene, characteristic of Scandinavian cities.  Our selection is though a business pushing the boundaries a bit further. Klädoteket is a clothing library which offers a membership service with access to a wide selection of carefully handpicked fashion items, all from independent brands to coveted designer brands. Its owners, Sara and Louise, have kindly shared all facts about their wonderful store with EcKris and now we share them with you in hope of inspiring all Gothenburgians to give it a go and try this sustainable fashion concept where clothes get a long and productive life cycle. You can both be trendy with “new” clothes every day AND give those clothes a sustainable usage.

1. What is Klädoteket’s concept?
We are a store renting out clothes and accessories. We offer a combination of designer brands with a sustainable focus and vintage/second hand products. We also organize various events featuring new design collaborations and different activities promoting sustainable consumption.

2. How does it work?
We offer two different memberships, GOLD & SILVER. GOLD has a cost of 599 sek/month and is worth 500 points. SILVER costs 399 sek/month and is worth 300 points. The pieces are categorised in different value levels where for example, a pair of pants is worth 100 pts and a dress 150 pt. You are then allowed to rent as many products at a time as your membership allows you and you can exchange them as many times as you wish during that period. So you can for example, rent out 500 points worth of clothes on Friday and come back on Saturday to exchange for a different outfit. Furthermore, Klädoteket is responsible for the care and washing so you do not have to worry about it yourself and you can be assured to rent clothes which comply to the highest cleanliness standards. Finally, the membership plan has no cancellation restrictions which means you can be a customer one month and not the next one, you select according to your needs! Holiday seasons or wedding/party seasons are for example great times to rent dresses and jewelry.

3. What is your best advice for a more sustainable consumption of fashion?
You must reflect on your consumption and be more thoughtful before making a purchase. Many do numerous unnecessary one-time purchases and get hooked by a low price tag, thus overlooking the production conditions or even the fact that they do not need what they are purchasing. We at Klädoteket offer a sustainable way to consume fashion, a collective wardrobe where people can rent and then exchange clothes instead of shopping clothes that are never used again. If one wants to rise the value of what one wears then one must think of shopping more sustainably. If you are looking to buy something, you should look for brands that are sustainable both in materials as well as in production practices. That way you are taking consideration for both the environment and the people behind the products. It is not always easy to find good alternatives but where there’s a will, there’s a way! Once you have made that effort it is then also worthy to pay for products with high quality and which also have been produced in a fair way.  That is why we try to gather unique brands in our store and distribute it to our consumers. The best is to buy pieces that one knows will be favorites and can be used repeatedly. Second hand is also a good alternative, but don’t buy big quantities just because it is cheap. Other than renting or shopping the “right” products you can also swap clothes. There are many swapping events organised yearly on bigger scales.

4. Show us some of your favorite pieces in store this season!

Klädoteket Starry Eyes

Vintage Dress


Starry Eyes Dress

Klädoteket Vintage

Vintage Dress

5. How can you contact Klädoteket?

Amiralitetsgatan 2, 414 62 Göteborg

There you go, we spot them, you enjoy them! A perfect way to stay constantly in style minus the guilty conscience. This is also a great way to discover new sustainable/ethical fashion brands since the store is constantly renewing its assortment with up and coming conscious brands. We hope you enjoyed the tip and remember to stay tuned for our worldwide series coming soon to your city!



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