Buying less & innovating more

As mentioned in a previous post, part of the problem with sustainability in fashion is linked to the consumption patterns of society.
A close association has been established between going shopping and feeling good and, ultimately this has created negative repercussions in our consumption habits.

According to data provided by the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) on average, every American, including every man, woman, and child in the US, spent $1,141 to purchase 64 garments and 7 ½ pairs of shoes in 2013. US figures are higher than in  any other country in the world, however it gives us an idea of the immense consumption that is taking place.

Sure thing, it is not called retail therapy for nothing: getting into the alluring shops, discovering what the new season has brought, enjoying scents, textures and colors, these is all quite amusing! However it is important to be more conscious about the way we shop rather than doing so by impulse.
And therefore our next sustainable tip is Buy less. Yes, as simple as that. Do not make unnecessary purchases or buy things that you will probably wear once and forget about them.

Instead, we encourage you to try new alternatives to buying that will bring new items to your closet:

• Swap clothes: this is a great way to revamp your wardrobe without incurring in unnecessary shopping. There are some cities which organize swapping events regularly or have swapping clubs, if that’s not the case where you live, you can even start one yourself. The rules are quite simple, you come with clothing in good shape but that by some unknown reason you don’t get to wear, other people do the same and then you proceed to exchange!

• Borrowing: might be a tricky one but it’s worth the try. We all have that friend that has that item that would be perfect for an event you are going, so you ask if you can borrow. Obviously you need to be extra careful with the clothes and be aware that you have to give the item in the same condition as you got it, meaning clean and folded to say the least.

• Renting: this is also another way to get temporal additions to your wardrobe without making a big and/or permanent investment. It is also a good alternative to experiment without getting stucked with an item that might or might not work for you. Renting boutiques such as Klädoteket (featured on the blog) are becoming quite popular so make sure to check them out.

• Personalizing items: embark into new adventures by adding some of your personality to items that you already have. You don’t need to be a Project Runway runner up in order to do this. Personalizing can be as simple as changing buttons, dyeing, adding patches, you name it. By doing this you will give the item a whole new look and who knows, you might end up developing some new skills in the long run!

Get creative and have fun 🙂


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